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Hello & Welcome to Ambitious Digital,

If you’re on this website, it’s because you’re excited about growing your business—and we are too. In fact, we started our business with this one goal in mind.

As a business owner, you know the value of partnering with industry experts to get results. 

At Ambitious Digital, our mission is to help our clients get more customers by growing their traffic, increasing their leads and closing more sales.

How? Through leveraging a digital-first marketing approach.

As a performance and ROI (return on investment) driven marketing agency, we use leading digital platforms and software to maximise your digital marketing budget and earn three times (or more) its return on ad spend.

It’s not just our belief that digital marketing can rapidly grow your business—we’re here to prove it. We combine battle-tested systems, cutting edge technology and a customised dashboard to reach carefully targeted audiences and rapidly drive sales. 

With our approach, you won’t just see your results, but understand them too. 

We partner with companies who are serious about their success, willing to invest in their growth and ready to use proven technology to outrun their competition.

We love seeing rapid growth in our client’s businesses because we practice what we preach. As New Zealand’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, your success is our success.

Ready to fast-track your growth? It’s time to get started.

How We Turn Advertising Into Profit

Using These Four Specific Techniques

We are a Performance and ROI driven digital marketing agency, with the pure focus of turning your ad spend into profit. Unlike most marketing agencies, who only focus on clicks and traffic, we focus on what will bring you the best return on your investment. To make it easy, we have broken our service down into four key areas.  


Increased traffic equals more eyes on the prize. We deliver a constant flow of highly qualified website visitors who are hungry to see your products and services. We do this through a mixture of both paid advertising and organic SEO.

Craft Conversion

Converting traffic is the key to increasing profits. We take your highly qualified website traffic and guide visitors through our carefully crafted sales funnels, built with one purpose in mind— converting traffic into paying customers.

Retarget Visitors

Visitors who leave your site without buying get retargeted with well-developed and compelling adverts. Showcasing your business product or service on their browser and favourite social network platforms converts viewers into buyers.


We integrate bulletproof systems and use strategic automation to nurture your leads, enabling your business to run like clockwork. See an increase in returning customers who are loyal to purchasing more of what you offer.

Why our Clients love us

We use complex data-driven solutions to create compelling digital marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing   |   Web Design

Gentle Dental

Initially, Gentle Dental approached us to run their Facebook Ad campaigns. Our results showcased how the right mix of content and analytics can create incredible returns. The Gentle Dental team was delighted, and since then, we have developed a great working relationship. Since then, we have built a new website with the latest technology to capture leads and understand their analytics. We restructured existing underperforming Google Ad campaigns, which had cost them over $2,000 in wasted ad spend. By auditing and fixing their current ad account, we were able to build new campaigns which were performed well and were profitable. We also managed their Facebook account and created SEO specific blog articles to drive traffic to their website blog.


Increase In Social Traffic


New Users Visited Website


Bookings Made Online

“I found it a pleasure to work with the team at Ambitious Design. My brand and website are a wonderful fit for my business and both are innovative and unique. I highly recommend Ambitious Design to anyone who would like their business brand to stand out in the community.”

Sam MoeungOwner / Director

Web Design   |   Paid Advertising  |   SEO

O’Reilly’s Garage

We worked closely with the team at O’Reilly’s Garage to deliver a completely bespoke website, designed to showcase their stunning vehicle range and capture leads for retargeted adverts. We then pieced together a whole online formula to help grow their brand, this included; building out multiple email marketing campaigns, SEO keyword ranking growth campaigns, Facebook & Instagram management, content creation, running paid advertising campaigns through Facebook to increase brand awareness, email subscriptions and lead generation for their vehicle stock for sale.


Overall Website Traffic Increased


New Website Visitors In 90 Days


New Email Subscribers Gained In 90 Days

“From the moment I signed, I have been well looked after. Our business is growing exponentially as a result of their work. Jay, who is one of the owners is truly awesome, professional, genuine, listens to my needs and most importantly - gets results.”

Simon O'ReillyManaging Director

Brand Development   |   Digital Marketing

Talk 2 Tamsin

Tamsin approached us to develop her brand and online presence. She had an established name in her community but realised the times were changing, and a digital approach would be needed to grow her business further. We developed her company image, built a new website, full brand kit, and set up new Facebook and Google business profiles. We then composed a comprehensive SEO strategy to help her rank for the search terms she required to reach new customers. She is currently ranking for 20+ keywords and has seen a 400% increase in her client bookings.


New Organic Website Users Per Month


Keywords Ranked On Google 1st Page


Increase In Client Bookings

“I found it a pleasure to work with the team at Ambitious Design. My brand and website are a wonderful fit for my business and both are innovative and unique. I highly recommend Ambitious Design to anyone who would like their business brand to stand out in the community.”

Tamsin FerlicityOwner Operator

Brand Experience

We have collaborated with many innovative companies to help them achieve their business objectives through data-driven, channel-agnostic modern digital marketing.


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Why Choose To Work With Us

We understand that it takes more than just passion to succeed today. Businesses need a leading edge to find new customers and outpace their competitors. At Ambitious Digital, we’ve got the grit, determination and knowledge to help you succeed. Our team have dedicated their careers to understanding how digital marketing can help drive sales. We understand it doesn’t matter how many people visit your website if none of them become loyal paying customers. Paid advertising, when done wrong can be the same as burning your hard-earned cash. We take a different approach. We want to see your digital marketing budget earn three times its return on ad spend. To do this, we dedicate our time to truly understand your company.

We work closely with your staff – usually a sales rep or someone on the front line – to precisely determine what your customers want. Once we have a clear understanding of your business, we craft a digital marketing strategy targeted at customers who are ready to buy your products and services. We use carefully targeted digital campaigns to deliver a reliable, consistent traffic flow and leads to your website each month. With more customers on your site who are ready to buy, you can spend less time on cold calling customers and more time focusing on providing the goods and services they love. Our goal is to help you maximise productivity. Make your digital marketing strategy work for you with Ambitious Digital. 

A Bespoke Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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We live and breathe digital marketing. If you’ve not yet dipped a toe into the digital waters we want you to feel confident that it’s the best move you’ll ever make for your business.

Every day we deliver outstanding results for our clients and we can do the same for you.

Book a free growth strategy session and we’ll start you on your digital journey. 

In our 45-minute session, we’ll take a look at where your business currently sits online, analyse your competition, identify your target markets and work out any internal system flaws. 

One of our trained marketing specialists will evaluate and analyse your business, then develop a digital marketing strategy that’s customised to the needs of your business. Your tailor-made, bulletproof strategy can be used immediately to drive traffic and gain results at no cost to you. 

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