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Microsoft 365 Apps

Top 5 Apps To Use Within Microsoft 365 By Microsoft 365 No Comments

Microsoft 365 consistently brings out new and innovative apps which are enhancing the everyday business owner. Microsoft 365 now comes with so many applications its hard to know where to start. As you can tell from their product list, they continue to grow and expand every year. In this article, we are going to dive into our top five favourite apps to use within Microsoft 365. 1. Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is the foundation for your business project management and communication software. Chat with team members, collaborate on documents and set up video meetings, all within Microsoft Teams. It also...
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Marketing Strategy Session

What Is Involved In Our Marketing Strategy Session? By Business No Comments

Many new business owners approach us asking what is involved in our marketing strategy session. We want to outline the process for you so you know what to expect and how you can benefit from it. If you are on the fence on deciding whether to speak with us or not then this article is for you. First off, before we breakdown the process, who will you be speaking to? Depending on the time you book in, you will either be speaking with one of the directors of Ambitious Digital, Bryce or Jay. Both have years of experience dealing with...
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Google vs Facebook Ads: Which One Should I Advertise On? By Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Paid Advertising No Comments

Google vs Facebook ads is one of the biggest questions we get asked a lot. Many business owners are uncertain which platform is best suited for them and will get them the desired results they require. Each platform has its own unique advantages, so in this article, we will be breaking this down further so you can come to a calculated decision on what is optimal for your business. This article will be ideal for business owners who: Have never used online advertising before Needing clarity on how the platforms can benefit them Need help deciding which platform is right...
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Digital Agency - Wellington

When To Partner with a Digital Agency: Outsource or Hire Internally? By Business No Comments

Knowing when to hire a digital agency for your marketing or to go out to the marketplace and hire internally can be a huge decision for all businesses. It comes to a point where business owners meet a crossroad and realise they need to hire a team to help them go to the next level. Digital marketing has now become more complex than ever before. With more platforms and software at your disposal, how do you know which to use? What strategies to implement? And who you can trust to take on the work? I'm sure we can both agree,...
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Email Marketing Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets: Best Ways to Grow Your Email List By E-mail Marketing No Comments

In today's age, it is now more important than ever to gather customer information. Data is like gold for business owners and you should be doing anything within your mean to grab your website visitor's attention and get them on your email list. Over 97% of your site visitors won't buy anything on their first visit. They may just be browsing, still in the research phase or still discovering if what you offer is right for them. People need to know,like and trust you before making a purchasing decision. If we are only capitalising on 3% of our marketing efforts...
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Google Ads Keyword Match Type

Google Ads: Keyword Match Types and Negatives: What Are They? By Google Advertising No Comments

Setting up the correct keyword match types within your Google Ad campaign is one of the biggest factors when its comes to the success of your campaign. Not many people understand them or even release the difference between the type of keywords you can choose from. Deciding on what keyword match types will vastly dictate how aggressive or conservative your keywords will be. Every business will have a different marketing objective so selecting the right match types for your goals are critical. What Are The Keyword Match Types? When creating a text ad in your PPC campaign, you have the...
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Microsoft Teams Shortcut Tutorial

Work Faster Using Microsoft Teams Shortcut Codes By Microsoft 365, Tutorials No Comments

Did you know there are shortcuts inside Microsoft Teams? Work more efficiently and save time using these key tips! What you will learn in this tutorial: Changing your status quickly Messaging team members faster View a team members activity easier and some extras! We hope this saves you some time when working inside Microsoft teams. Are you a business owner and still don't have a current remote solution for your staff? Book in for a Free 30-Minute Consultation call with Ambitious digital to discuss how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams can achieve this for your company. Spots are limited.
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Microsoft Planner Tutorial

Microsoft Planner App Tutorial By Microsoft 365, Tutorials No Comments

This tutorial will teach you how to use the Microsoft Planner App which can be integrated within Microsoft Teams. What you will learn: How to connect the Planner app to your team Create buckets & tasks Different ways to view your tasks Shortcut to find all your allocated tasks (great when you have multiple planners across different teams) Go ahead, watch the video below! Thanks for watching :) Needing a solution for your staff to work remotely? Book in for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation call with Ambitious digital to discuss how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams can achieve this for...
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Microsoft Teams Tutorial

Microsoft Teams Full Tutorial For Beginners By Microsoft 365, Tutorials No Comments

Learn the basics of how to navigate Microsoft Teams so YOU and your team can work more effectively than ever before. In this tutorial we will be covering: The Menu Navigation How to create teams/channels Edit team settings & options you have available Using meetings and chat/call system to communicate internally App integration (using Microsoft Planner as an example) How to use Microsoft Planner How to create documents and collaborate with team members and many more tips to help improve your experience! Go ahead and watch the video below. Want to learn more about Microsoft Teams? Book a FREE 30-minute...
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Microsoft Bookings App Tutorial

Microsoft Bookings App Tutorial By Microsoft 365, Tutorials No Comments

In this video, we will show you how to create an online booking system using Microsoft Bookings. This is an app that is included in your Microsoft 365 subscription. In this tutorial we will cover: Where Microsoft Bookings is located in your Microsoft 365 account How to set up your booking system account Design/create your booking calendar Add staff, services and manual bookings Where to find existing customer details Set up your business information How the calendar works and ways you can share the direct link. This booking system can be integrated with Outlook and Microsoft Teams calendar. Check out...
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