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Growing your business on Instagram

5 Tips to Grow Your Business on Instagram

By Social Media Marketing
Instagram isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean you can't grow your business on Instagram. Tik Tok might be the new social media platform on the block, but since 2010 Instagram has been steadily growing its market share and monthly users. In fact, over the past twelve years the app has gone from a simple photo-sharing app to a full-on marketing channel. The app is predicted to hit 1.44 billion users by 2023.   Why is it important to build a brand on Instagram in 2022? Instagram’s format makes it the best app for promoting products. On the platform, brands can...
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why answer based content is good for SEO

Boost SEO with answer based content

By Search Engine Optimisation
Answering questions about your niche, business, or product is a good way to boost your organic traffic. Here’s everything you need to know about answer-based content.  Google is paying more attention to answering people’s questions Now more than ever, Google is paying attention to the questions people type into its search box. While Google isn't the only search engine in the world, 5.6 billion searches are made on Google every day. In 2016, Google created the ‘instant answer’ box that displays search results on the home page. The ‘people also ask’ section also provides answers to questions, giving those sites that...
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Improving your copy can help get quality leads from your Facebook ads

How to Get High Quality Leads From Your Facebook Ads

By Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Uncategorized
Facebook lead ads are an increasingly popular tool for marketers looking to turn conversions into sales. However, no matter how many leads you attract through your Facebook copy, there is a difference between quality and quantity of those leads. Learning how to attract high quality leads through your Facebook Ads can be a game changer for your business. What is a high-quality lead? A high-quality lead is simply someone who is further along the sales pipeline. A high volume of unqualified leads can mean your sales team spend a lot of wasted time contacting potential customers who are not yet...
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A woman writing remarketing copy at a cafe

How to make your remarketing copy stronger

By Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Lead Generation, Paid Advertising
Remarketing is a powerful tool to convert leads into sales. Good marketers know that the majority of people aren’t going to make a purchase the first time they visit your website. That’s why remarketing ads are so important.   On average, a person needs to see or hear an advertiser’s message at least seven times before they’re ready to investigate further or buy your product. In some cases, simply running remarketing ads and reminding prospects of your product is enough to land a sale.   However, running retargeting ads can also result in prospective customers adding your product to their cart but...
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Facebook users are in decline for the first time ever

Is Facebook In Decline?

By Business, E-mail Marketing, Facebook Advertising

Over the last decade, Facebook has become one of the most targeted and powerful tools marketers can use. Converting social media users into product buyers and loyal customers has been relatively easy thanks to the targeting ability within Facebook Ads. Unfortunately, all of that could be about to change. Facebook is eliminating some of its targeting abilities One of the reasons marketers love using Facebook is the app has always made it easy to target highly specific portions of the population. Need to target stay at home mums with an interest in health and nutrition? You got it. How about…

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What landing pages are used for

What Can Landing Pages Be Used For?

By Growth Hacking, Lead Generation, Sales Funnel, Web Design
Landing pages are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tactic and for good reasons. Whether you are selling a service, a product, or promoting a value-adding piece of content like an eBook, landing pages can boost engagement and turn traffic into conversions faster than other strategies can. Why are landing pages so effective? Landing pages and their effectiveness comes down to one guiding principle: landing pages encourage readers to take one specified action. Think about your website for a second. Most websites have a lot of pages which leads to lots of opportunities for traffic to exit. Sending traffic to your...
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7 Benefits of Google Ads to Grow Your Business Online

By Business, Google Advertising, Growth Hacking, Lead Generation, Paid Advertising

Google AdWords (now known as Google Ads) makes it easy to create online campaigns that can deliver great leads for your business. Google Ads has changed a lot since it was first launched 18 years ago. Now Google Ads helps businesses connect with people via Google Search as well as more steps of the consumer journey through display, video, and text ads. If your business hasn’t started using Google Ads, here are seven major benefits of starting a Google Ads account. Google Ads works faster than SEO   If your business has tried to improve your onsite SEO, you’ll know…

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a group of people talk about conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization For B2B

By Business, Sales Funnel
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is essential for successful B2B lead generation success. While many marketers focus on driving traffic to their website, CRO refers to the goals that you want your users to complete.   A conversion goal can be anything you want, like:  Signing up for a newsletter  Booking an appointment  Making an enquiry  Speaking to a consultant  Optimizing CRO ensures that your business is making tangible steps towards converting users to paying customers.    Optimizing your conversion rate is important because rather than focusing on driving traffic, optimizing conversions leads to more sales. Conversions show that a customer is making their way down the sales funnel. They are warming up and more likely to...
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an artificial intelligence device

How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting The Digital Marketing Landscape

By Business, Growth Hacking
AI or Artificial Intelligence is now an essential part of the digital marketing landscape. From chatbots to predictive marketing, AI tools are already helping marketing departments deliver improved customer service and gather individualised data about their customer. As customers increasingly want a personalised experience, AI is helping to deliver better customer service and an increase in leads and sales. What Is Artificial Intelligence and Why Is It Important? Artificial Intelligence is “the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.” In digital marketing, computers commonly use AI to make predictions about what a consumer may want or need....
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Effective Interaction Design

6 Principle Of Effective Interaction Design

By Branding, Web Design
You’ve heard of UX Design but how about Interaction Design? Put simply, Interaction Design is concerned with the interaction between users and the product in front of them. While UX deals with a much broader scope of usability — from branding, design to usability and more, Interaction Design starts and ends with the customer using the product. If you have a website or digital presence, interaction design is crucial to moving your customers along the buying journey. In our latest blog post, we take you through the 6 elements of effective interaction design and how they can help improve sales...
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