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Advertising Agencies Wellington – What To Look For When Choosing An Agency

By Business
Looking for advertising agencies Wellington? For a small to medium-sized enterprise, doing your own in-house advertising can be stressful, confusing, and an inefficient use of your team’s time and money. An advertising agency gives you space to breathe and focus on what you do best.   Choosing a reputable agency that suits your needs, brings the right talent, and creates synergy with your team is critical to getting the most bang for your buck. In this article, we’ll go over some tips for finding advertising agencies that are trustworthy, meet your advertising requirements, and work smoothly with your team.  Know what you want  Advertising agencies Wellington range...
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Landing page wire frames

What is a landing page and why do I need one?

By Sales Funnel
A landing page is a standalone web page, created as part of a specific marketing campaign. Visitors will typically ‘land’ on this page after clicking on a digital ad or promotional email. Landing pages are great for increasing conversion rates because they are hyper focused on converting interested viewers into buyers. While your website may have many goals a landing page has a single call to action. Landing pages are so effective because they are designed to close sales. Landing pages are purposefully designed to persuade customers to take action in an encouraging and distraction-free sales zone. Despite this, many businesses...
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How This Google My Business Case Study Triggered Thousands Of Views

By Google Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation
Doing well on Google can have a huge effect on website leads and traffic. The search engine juggernaut makes up about 70% of search engine market share every year, so many businesses prioritise SEO and Google Ads in order to appear in organic Google searches. What many businesses forget is that there is another way to get noticed on Google — optimising their Google My Business profile. Every business has a Google My Business Profile but too many businesses don’t know what it is or how to use it. Failing to do so means these businesses are missing out on...
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Brand Voice and Tone

Brand Tone of Voice: How To Create Your Brand’s Personality

By Branding
When most businesses think about branding, they usually think about the visual elements first. What will my logo look like? What colour will help us stand out from our competitors? These questions are important as visual branding is essential to creating a solid brand. If asked, could your customers accurately describe your brand’s personality, or identify your content without any visual clues? There’s no shortage of content online. A strong, consistent tone of voice can help you stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience. Customers want to think that they know what values your business stands for...
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Examples of branding includes visual and content elements

Is My Branding Strong Enough To Survive Disruption? These 5 Questions Will Tell You

By Branding

Many people know that great branding is an essential element of a successful business. What can be harder to know is if your current branding is strong enough to stay competitive with changing trends and consumer behaviour.   Rebranding is a time consuming operation and a lot goes into it. Before you think about throwing out your old branding and starting afresh it’s important to truly understand the elements that make a brand successful in the eyes of modern-day consumers.  In this blog we’ll cover everything you need to know to assess whether or not your branding is connecting with your audience, or in desperate need of a refresh.  What Is Branding? When…

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Email Marketing Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets: Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

By E-mail Marketing No Comments
Today, it is now more important than ever to gather customer information online. Data is like gold for business owners, and you should be doing anything within your mean to grab your website visitor's attention and get them on your email list. People need to know, like and trust you before making a purchasing decision. Over 97% of your site visitors won't buy anything on their first visit. They may just be browsing, still in the research phase or still discovering if what you offer is right for them. If we are only capitalising on 3% of our marketing efforts,...
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Microsoft 365 Apps

Top 5 Apps To Use Within Microsoft 365

By Microsoft 365 No Comments
Microsoft 365 consistently brings out new and innovative apps that the everyday business owner can use to enhance their workflow. The problem is, Microsoft 365 now comes with so many applications it's hard to know where to start. As you can tell from their product list, they continue to grow and expand every year. To help you decide, we've ranked our top five favourite apps to use within Microsoft 365. 1. Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is the foundational software of Microsoft 365 and is used for business project management and communication. Chat with team members, collaborate on documents and set...
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Digital Agency - Wellington

When To Partner with a Digital Agency: Outsource or Hire Internally?

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Knowing whether to hire a digital agency for your marketing or hire internally is a huge decision for all businesses. Many business owners get to a crossroads and realise they need to hire a team to help them get to the next level. Digital marketing is more complex than ever before. With an increasing number of platforms and software at your disposal, how do you know which to use? What strategies to implement? And who you can trust to take on the work? I'm sure we can both agree, you need a reliable team to take this off your hands...
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Google vs Facebook Ads: Which One Should I Advertise On?

By Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Paid Advertising No Comments
Google vs Facebook - which is better? It's one of the questions we get asked a lot. Many business owners are uncertain which platform is best suited for them and will get them the desired results they require. Each platform has its own unique advantages. In this article, we break each platform down and list the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can make a calculated decision on what is optimal for your business. This article will be ideal for business owners who: Have never used online advertising before Need clarity on how the platforms can benefit them Need...
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Microsoft Teams Shortcut Tutorial

Work Faster Using Microsoft Teams Shortcut Codes

By Microsoft 365, Tutorials No Comments
Did you know there are shortcuts inside Microsoft Teams? Work more efficiently and save time using these key tips! In this tutorial, you will learn how to: Change your status quickly Message team members faster View a team members activity easier and some extras! We hope this saves you some time when working inside Microsoft teams. Are you a business owner who still doesn't have a current remote solution for your staff? Book in for a Free 30-Minute Consultation call with Ambitious digital to discuss how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams can achieve this for your company. Spots are limited.
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