Brand Development

Great brand development has the power to supercharge your business. A standout brand instantly tells customers what you stand for and invites customers to be part of your journey. Our branding goes beyond the surface to discover what’s driving your brand.

Bad Branding Is Holding Your Business Back

The world’s most successful companies know why they’re in business. They’re not here to sell products but to solve problems. Great branding tells the story behind your business. We don’t just tell customers what you do. We get them invested in your mission.
Stay Top of Mind With Customers

Your business must know its place in the market. Without strong branding, your message is unlikely to connect with your intended audience or stand out against your competitors.

Get All Parts Of Your Business Aligned

Without a brand strategy, team members are left to develop messaging and create goals that don’t align with all aspects of the business. Nothing is tying all elements of the business together.

Stop Burning Time & Money

Brand development requires time and money. But, without it, you’re playing an expensive guessing game. Getting the foundations right ensures that you can build upon a structure that works.

Grab Hold Of New Opportunities

It’s hard to plan for the future if you don’t know your true purpose, objectives, or priorities. With no clarity around your brand, it’s impossible to move quickly or seize new opportunities.

Great Branding That Connects Customers And Grows Loyalty

We’ve seen too many businesses miss the mark with branding and fail to reach their full potential. Our comprehensive brand development services will give you the foundation you need to attract new customers, make your brand instantly recognisable, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Branding Workshop

Our three-hour brand development workshop will help you clarify your brand purpose, market positioning and define the factors that set your business apart. These meetings are inclusive and collaborative. Stakeholders from various parts of your business are welcome.

Brand Positional Guidelines

We use the insights from our brand development workshop to define your target market, determine your core values and create new messaging that will align your business. We package this into one document that is the primary reference for all communication.

Brand Identity Development

While we’re writing your brand guidelines, our designers work closely with you to create a new brand identity. From mood boards to colour pallets, customised logos, and stationery designs, we develop everything from scratch to make you look like an industry-leading brand.

The Brand Elements You Need For Success

Brand Values

Brand values highlight the four to six beliefs that your business stands for and your mission and vision. Brand values act as a compass to guide your actions, behaviours and decision-making processes.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging helps to keep your communication consistent. A strong brand story acts as a rallying cry — one that staff, owners and clients alike can identify with and feel inspired to get behind.

Brand Personality

A brand personality describes traits that people associate with your brand. These traits help establish how your business might behave in any given situation.

Brand Identity

Brand identity involves designing your logo, colour palettes, typography and other visual assets. A strong brand identity makes you stand out, invokes trust, and creates consistency.

Voice & Tone

Voice and tone define how you sound and ensures that your brand stays consistent while communicating with your audience. Having a defined voice and style creates reliability and lets people know what to expect.

Brand Positioning

Your brand positioning is a singular statement that highlights your unique value proposition in the market. No other business should be able to claim your brand positioning statement.

Brand Differentiators

Brand differentiators are unique ways your brand differs from all other competitors. They outline why a customer should choose your brand over any others.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a summary of your closest competitors. It analyses what they offer, who they are appealing to, and how they differentiate themselves. It gives insights into how you can outperform them.

Brand Use Guidelines

Brand usage guidelines protect your logos, colours, typography and graphic styles and ensure they are always used correctly. They inform your staff what to do and what not to do with your brand to keep it protected.

Brand Experience

We have collaborated with many innovative companies to help them achieve their business objectives through data-driven, channel-agnostic modern marketing.

Brand Experience

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