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5 Key Points On Why Branding Is So Important Today

By September 18, 2018January 24th, 2021No Comments
Coca-cola branding

When it comes to your business, you want the best public image you can have. When your customers are recommending your products to people they know, they need a strong point of reference – this is your brand. Here at Ambitious, strong branding is one of the core components of the work we do. Here are five fundamental values we work on when developing your brand:

#1 Branding Increases Recognition

Whether you’re a hole-in-the-wall cafe selling coffee during the morning commute, or a large-scale construction firm with international clients, your brand will be your main point of difference and the reason you’ll keep satisfied customers coming back. A professionally developed brand will be instantly recognisable – when you deliver your excellent goods or services to a client, they’ll associate your branding with the great experience they’ve had and seek you out when they need that product again.

#2 Good Branding Builds Customer Trust

When branding your business, it’s essential potential customers see your brand as trustworthy straight off the bat. In fact, research has shown that 54% of people say they don’t trust brands. That’s a lot more than you can afford to lose. A professional will curate your image and develop it into a robust and appealing brand that your customers will not hesitate to approach.

#3 It’ll Support Your Advertising

When you advertise, either online or in the real world, your ads need to stay in line with your brand’s image and narrative. This can be a daunting task, especially considering the consistent presentation of a brand increases your business’s revenue by 23%. A professional can provide that consistency, though maintaining a genuine and meaningful story for your customers to follow and relate to.

#4 You’ll Motivate Your Customers

People love talking about a purchase that they’re satisfied with. They feel proud that they’ve made the right decision in buying a product that they like. As a business, your job is to associate that satisfaction with your brand and motivate further sales by cultivating customer loyalty. An experienced marketer knows what traits are memorable in a brand – from an effective slogan (Just Do It) to unforgettable imagery (an apple with a bite out of it). A professional provides that extra edge to motivate buyers via excellent branding.

#5 Your Brand Will Motivate Your Business

Everyone loves working for a cause they believe in. Your business is your cause – you work for it, and you employ people to work for it as you grow. During this process, your company needs a brand to believe in, serving as an overarching value that everyone involved strives for. 41% of people believe that employees are the most viable information source for the companies they work for.  When a member of the public approaches someone in your business, be in a new recruit or a manager, that person’s response will have a significant impact on how the outsider sees your business. Professional internal branding is vital, and here at Ambitious, we never forget it.


No matter whether your business is a brand new local startup or an international conglomerate, you’ll be losing out without professional and comprehensive branding across your company. Let Ambitious Digital Marketing take your brand to new heights and book in a free call with us today. Your business deserves the topmost tier of branding service available, and here at Ambitious, we can deliver.