What Is Involved In Our Marketing Strategy Session?

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Marketing Strategy Session

Many new business owners approach us asking what is involved in our marketing strategy session. We want to outline the process for you so you know what to expect and how you can benefit from it.

If you are on the fence on deciding whether to speak with us or not then this article is for you.

First off, before we breakdown the process, who will you be speaking to?

Depending on the time you book in, you will either be speaking with one of the directors of Ambitious Digital, Bryce or Jay. Both have years of experience dealing with small to medium-size business owners looking to excel in their company’s growth. If one of them is not available then you will be speaking with a digital marketing expert in the team who has been trained by them and also has years of experience.

We make sure you will be speaking to the right person who meets your needs. You WILL NOT be speaking to interns, contractors or sales people. Ambitious Digital believes in providing as much upfront value as possible.

Speaking to our top marketings on your first call is our gift to you.

Our aim is you can take what you have learned and take action on it right away. Regardless if you decide to partner with us or not.

Below is our 6 step process:

Please note: every call is different, there may be some areas we need to focus on more than others.

1. Introduction

First, we will introduce ourselves, what we do, our specialised skills and who we love to partner with. Of course, thank you for attending your marketing strategy session

2. Business Analysis

Before jumping on the call with you, we would have researched your business and what you are currently doing. Your digital marketing expert would then diagnose areas in your online presence and marketing which need your attention. If there are any areas in your business we are uncertain of then there may be some questions we need to ask.

3. Competitor Analysis

Ambitious Digital has access to the latest software which allows us to spy on your competitors. We can advise what they are doing and what to pay attention to before they dominate the market share.

4. Strategies

We will discuss successful strategies that are working in your industry. How this compares to what you are currently doing and what needs to change.

5. Questions

We understand this can be information overload for most. We will allow for questions at the end and a discussion on what we have talked about. If you are wanting to learn more then we can outline the next steps going forward.

6. After The Call

Following on from the previous step, if you have shown interest in partnering with Ambitious and using our services then we will build out a 12-month marketing plan with a proposal for the immediate work required.

We will breakdown what needs to be implemented for your business over a 12 month period for a transition to a successful online marketing strategy. Such as immediate fixes needed in the first three months, building on a solid foundation with correct strategies in 3-6 months, then stacking your success with more diversification and scaling.

After the marketing plan and proposal have been made then we book in another call to run through everything with you.


Hopefully, this clears up a lot of unanswered questions. Now the next step is to book your very own 45-minute strategy session to experience it yourself!

At this moment they are free, however, this is subject to change at any time. If you are still unsure then we suggest booking it in any way. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

As we might reduce the time offered or start charging for this service.

Book in your marketing strategy session today!

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