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What landing pages are used for

What Can Landing Pages Be Used For?

By Growth Hacking, Lead Generation, Sales Funnel, Web Design
Landing pages are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tactic and for good reasons. Whether you are selling a service, a product, or promoting a value-adding piece of content like an eBook, landing pages can boost engagement and turn traffic into conversions faster than other strategies can. Why are landing pages so effective? Landing pages and their effectiveness comes down to one guiding principle: landing pages encourage readers to take one specified action. Think about your website for a second. Most websites have a lot of pages which leads to lots of opportunities for traffic to exit. Sending traffic to your...
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a group of people talk about conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization For B2B

By Business, Sales Funnel
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is essential for successful B2B lead generation success. While many marketers focus on driving traffic to their website, CRO refers to the goals that you want your users to complete.   A conversion goal can be anything you want, like:  Signing up for a newsletter  Booking an appointment  Making an enquiry  Speaking to a consultant  Optimizing CRO ensures that your business is making tangible steps towards converting users to paying customers.    Optimizing your conversion rate is important because rather than focusing on driving traffic, optimizing conversions leads to more sales. Conversions show that a customer is making their way down the sales funnel. They are warming up and more likely to...
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digital marketing agency wellington

4 Ways A Digital Marketing Agency Should Be Growing Your Business

By Business, Sales Funnel
Working with a digital marketing agency Wellington has many benefits. One benefit that many small businesses don’t consider is how they can help grow and scale your business.   Why digital marketing?   Digital marketing is a powerful tool. Businesses should use it as a central part of their marketing strategy to reach more people and convert more leads into genuine customers. Growing your business through digital marketing doesn’t mean pushing your business to the edge. Rather it means:  Exploring new products, services, and process possibilities   Improving decision-making processes  Better understand the needs of your customers   Increasing performance and efficiency across the whole organisational  If you’re thinking about...
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Landing page wire frames

What is a landing page and why do I need one?

By Sales Funnel
A landing page is a standalone web page, created as part of a specific marketing campaign. Visitors will typically ‘land’ on this page after clicking on a digital ad or promotional email. Landing pages are great for increasing conversion rates because they are hyper focused on converting interested viewers into buyers. While your website may have many goals a landing page has a single call to action. Landing pages are so effective because they are designed to close sales. Landing pages are purposefully designed to persuade customers to take action in an encouraging and distraction-free sales zone. Despite this, many businesses...
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7 Steps to Outstanding Web Design

By E-Commerce, Sales Funnel, Web Design
Web design is an important and frequently overlooked aspect of developing a compelling online presence for your brand. Many businesses settle for a serviceable website that checks a box, simply because they feel like they must have one. However, having good web design is far more critical than most companies realise, and here’s why: E-commerce is on the rise, with more customers buying online than ever before. The statistics show that internet purchase figures will be more than double what they are now by 2021, meaning that any business without an effective avenue for online sales will be left in...
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