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Search Engine Optimisation

why answer based content is good for SEO

Boost SEO with answer based content

By Search Engine Optimisation
Answering questions about your niche, business, or product is a good way to boost your organic traffic. Here’s everything you need to know about answer-based content.  Google is paying more attention to answering people’s questions Now more than ever, Google is paying attention to the questions people type into its search box. While Google isn't the only search engine in the world, 5.6 billion searches are made on Google every day. In 2016, Google created the ‘instant answer’ box that displays search results on the home page. The ‘people also ask’ section also provides answers to questions, giving those sites that...
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A person holding a phone displaying a Google My Business profile

How This Google My Business Case Study Triggered Thousands Of Views

By Google Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation
Doing well on Google can have a huge effect on website leads and traffic. The search engine juggernaut makes up about 70% of search engine market share every year, so many businesses prioritise SEO and Google Ads in order to appear in organic Google searches. What many businesses forget is that there is another way to get noticed on Google — optimising their Google My Business profile. Every business has a Google My Business Profile but too many businesses don’t know what it is or how to use it. Failing to do so means these businesses are missing out on...
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Facts About Building A Website That No One Will Tell You (2020)

Facts About Building A Website That No One Will Tell You (2020)

By E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design
For small businesses, figuring out how to build a website can be a daunting task. It’s something you know you need… but how do you get there? Stepping into the digital unknown in 2020 doesn't have to be scary. Think of your website journey as a body of water. You want your online presence to be a beautiful lake – a place where people love to come, which has value to people.  But every lake starts with a trickle of water – and without those tributary streams that flow into a river and meet your lake, you end up with a soggy marsh. ...
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SEO Growth Ambitious Digital

5 Key Steps Toward Excellent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

By Business, Growth Hacking, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design
Why Bother With SEO?   Optimising your website for search engines is a cost-effective way to reach customers who will find it valuable. Rather than paying for each website click via ads, good SEO allows the content to be organically presented to a potential visitor, on its own merits, as a high ranking search result. While many people use social media for entertainment and networking, very few trust it when making purchase decisions. Instead, they will use their chosen search engine to find information on a product, review prices and make a purchase - this necessitates a focus on making...
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