Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Why You Need A Good Social Media Strategy By Social Media Marketing

If you’re reading this, you probably already know your way around social media – as does everybody else who’s had internet access in the past 10 years. It’s a powerful (and necessary) tool for any business. So why do so many brands experience failure after failure on social media platforms, while others succeed? The answer is in strategy A good strategy can be the difference between a powerful social media presence that increases brand awareness and rockets your website up the search rankings and an ineffective profile with a small following – even if the content is high quality. There...
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Managing Your Social Media Community

Managing Your Social Media Community By Social Media Marketing

The Importance of Growing, Maintaining, and Utilising Your Brand's Social Media Community Brand communities are a uniquely modern phenomenon, and they can make or break your brand. The brand community member, observed in their natural habitat (social media platforms), seeks to feel listened to and involved in your brand – both in their interactions with the brand’s account, with influencers, and with other community members. How can you use this? Cultivating, maintaining, and growing your brand’s social media community is different from social media marketing alone and deserves to be looked at individually, both with day to day social media management and...
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Paid Ad Campaigns

The Importance of Paid Ad Campaigns By Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Ad Campaigns Are Becoming the Next Big Marketing Phenomenon. If you aren’t already capitalizing on social media for your brand’s ad campaigns, you’ve either just started your business, or you’re missing out on the marketing phenomenon of the decade. No matter who your target audience is, they probably don’t sit in their lounge every night, watching cable television, and buying every product they see advertised. In fact, there’s a growing likelihood that they’ll never have a cable television connection and never buy a newspaper – and if they do, they’re probably already thinking about cancelling that subscription....
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4 Tips on How to Make Your Content Engaging

4 Tips on How to Make Your Content Engaging By Social Media Marketing

As with many other online marketing platforms, content is king on social media. Content can be anything, from a tweet about the weather, video of your new pizza fresh out of the oven, to a vacation photo album or a 45-second video introducing your staff. Because the internet is saturated with hundreds of millions of users posting content every day, it takes a professional outlook and a planned approach to get your voice heard on social networks. That’s where we come in. With years of experience successfully leveraging brands on social sites, we know that there definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all...
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