Lead Magnets: Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

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Email Marketing Lead Magnet

In today’s age, it is now more important than ever to gather customer information. Data is like gold for business owners and you should be doing anything within your mean to grab your website visitor’s attention and get them on your email list.

Over 97% of your site visitors won’t buy anything on their first visit. They may just be browsing, still in the research phase or still discovering if what you offer is right for them.

People need to know,like and trust you before making a purchasing decision.

If we are only capitalising on 3% of our marketing efforts then what can do about the remaining 97%?

This is where lead magnets come into play.

Providing upfront value in exchange for your customer’s email address if the fastest way to accelerate your email list growth.

What are lead magnets?

A lead magnet is offering something for free in exchange for an email address. It needs to come across as valuable enough for someone to take the time into entering their details and acknowledging the face they are going to be marketed to.

  • The higher the value (or perceived value) = more email sign-ups
  • Unattractive, misleading or irrelevant to your audience = very few email sign-ups

You need to understand who ideal customers are and what they actually want. If it is something of value and you have taken the time to put a lot of effort into it then people will recognise this.

How it’s created, marketed and works with your website interface is also important, the starting blocks is always the content itself.

Below is an example from us, what a lead magnet is:

Now here is an example which is NOT a lead magnet:

Poor Lead Magnet Design

As you can see the above isn’t providing any value upfront and doesn’t describe what you are getting if you did sign up for this newsletter. This is a very common example and shouldn’t not be confused between the real deal.

How to build an attractive lead magnet?

You want your lead magnet to resonate with your visitors and be so irresistible they cannot help but opt-in.

Ask yourself: what’s the most valuable and useful information I can provide to my audience? Even though you could charge for it but won’t.

Doing this will really showcase why you are an industry leader and your audience will feel a deeper trust with you compared to your competitors.

Remember: this is the first piece of content your audience may be seeing. This is your chance to shine and really impress them.

5 Tips for a high converting lead magnet

Your lead magnet should always be targeted around your audience and ideal customers. Don’t fall into the trap and try to please the masses. Craft it specifically to people you want in your email list who will have the biggest positive impact from it.

  1. More value, the better – There is no such thing as too much free value. The better the offer, the more people will take it. You may not get your offer right the first time but this doesn’t mean stop trying. Eventually, you will find something which peaks your audience’s interests.
  2. Is it eye-catching? – Is the offer, copy and design in unison? Does it grab your attention and let your audience know exactly what you are offering?
  3. Placement – You want to test a combination of sign up forms on your website. Whether this is a pop-up, sidebar or embedded form you want to make sure your lead magnet is in the correct page(s) for a higher chance of converting.
  4. Delivery – Humans crave instant gratification. You must provide your lead magnet instantly. If not provide something else for free while they are waiting for the main offer.
  5. Are you doing shortcuts? – Don’t be lazy, put in the work up front. You then are putting yourself into a great position to reap the rewards later down the track. If your offer could be better then put in the work now. Your conversion rates will thank you for being patient.

Stuck on lead magnet ideas? Check out this article for inspiration.


Creating lead magnets around your email marketing campaigns takes a lot of upfront time and effort. While this may deter a lot of business owners, the ones who invest in it really do see the benefits.

Getting the email is just the start of the email marketing journey. The person has shown interest in what you have to offer, now it is your chance to convert them into a paying customer.

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