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What Can Landing Pages Be Used For?

By March 23, 2022No Comments
What landing pages are used for

Landing pages are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tactic and for good reasons. Whether you are selling a service, a product, or promoting a value-adding piece of content like an eBook, landing pages can boost engagement and turn traffic into conversions faster than other strategies can.

Why are landing pages so effective?

Landing pages and their effectiveness comes down to one guiding principle: landing pages encourage readers to take one specified action.

Think about your website for a second. Most websites have a lot of pages which leads to lots of opportunities for traffic to exit. Sending traffic to your landing page, rather than your website, is more likely to result in conversion because your customers are only being asked to do one thing.

For example, a landing page might ask customers to:

  • Give you their contact information
  • Book an appointment or
  • Buy a specific product

What makes an effective landing page?

Landing pages work best when they promote one thing and one thing only. Now isn’t the time to talk about your business. Instead, focus on one specific service, or product, or promotion and encourage people to take one single action.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between the importance of landing pages and their use by some marketers. Even though many businesses know they are useful 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to their homepage, rather than a specified landing page. That’s so many clicks getting lost to boredom or distraction and never making a conversion.

What can you use a landing page for?

There’s no end to the number of things you can promote on a landing page but your landing page should only have one call to action. Here are some things you can use landing pages for:

Warm-up your audience before they buy a product

As we already mentioned, click-through landing pages act as the middleman between your ad and your product. On a click-through landing page, potential customers are presented with compelling content that sells the benefits of buying your product.

Gage interest in a new product or service

It can be daunting to release a new product or service to market. There is always a fear that your existing customers might not be the right audience or there is no interest in what you are developing. A landing page can be a great litmus test to gauge interest from your ideal audience.

If you are developing something new, test the waters with a landing page. You can fill your page with informative copy, push the benefits and features of your product or service, and include an ETA to have people sign up to your newsletter for reminders about when it launches. This way, you’ll get more subscribers and have some idea of how much interest there is in your product.

Promote an eBook or educational content

Landing pages don’t have to just be about selling things. You can also use them to promote free content. Why would you bother doing that? Free content, like eBooks, infographics, or whitepapers, show potential customers that you are interested in helping to solve their problems.

Giving away value-adding content in exchange for an email address, or phone number is a great way to gain new leads as you also move potential customers from the awareness to the discovery stage. From there, your sales reps can call your prospects, or you can continue to warm them up by sending them promotional emails they might find interesting and valuable.

Get more bookings

 Got a service that you can take bookings for? You can use a landing page to help encourage clients to book an appointment. From teeth cleanings to consultations, there are lots of services that can be promoted using a landing page. Help take some work off your sales team’s shoulders by running ads for any of your services that clients can book in for.

Just make sure the service you are promoting is specific. For example, if you own a spa and have dozens of packages for massages, manicures, and pedicures, use a landing page to promote one specific service, like a one-hour hot stone massage.

Offer a discount on your services

All good landing pages come with an offer that’s hard to pass up. If you have a great promotion in mind, promote it through a landing page. Examples of great offers include:

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Get 15% Off
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Get A Free Consultation For Another Service
  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • $50 Off When You Book Now
  • Free Offer
  • 30-Day Returns
  • First Month Free

Gain more subscribers or sign-ups

Don’t forget, you can use a landing page to simply ask your audience to sign up to your newsletter or subscribe to a podcast. Again, you don’t have to be selling anything for money, to make these an effective part of your marketing strategy. In fact, the more you can give away information for free, the more you will build trust with your customers.

Giving more than you ask is a great tactic for creating brand loyalty while generating leads. You can also reach new customers that may not previously be interested in your products. Let’s say you run a financial services business and want to attract a younger clientele. Promoting a podcast or YouTube videos might be a better way to engage your millennial or Gen Z clients rather than asking them to read an eBook.

Promote your online event

Webinars are another great tool for educating your audience. They work well because they are engaging, informative, and are an easy way to make potential customers aware of how you can solve their problems. Boost signups to your webinar by promoting sign-ups through a landing page.

Landing pages are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. At Ambitious Digital we have the tools, skills, and software needed to run highly-effective landing pages than turn traffic into leads and conversions.

Book a 30-minute consultation now to see how your business can use them to its advantage.