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How to Get High Quality Leads From Your Facebook Ads

By June 28, 2022No Comments
Improving your copy can help get quality leads from your Facebook ads

Facebook lead ads are an increasingly popular tool for marketers looking to turn conversions into sales. However, no matter how many leads you attract through your Facebook copy, there is a difference between quality and quantity of those leads.

Learning how to attract high quality leads through your Facebook Ads can be a game changer for your business.

What is a high-quality lead?

A high-quality lead is simply someone who is further along the sales pipeline. A high volume of unqualified leads can mean your sales team spend a lot of wasted time contacting potential customers who are not yet ready to convert.

Ideally, your Facebook Ads should be using the right content to appeal to the Awareness, Consideration, Intent or Evaluation stages so that buyers are moved along the funnel towards a purchase.

Too often, Facebook Ads tends to push customers to buy when they’re not yet ready, or shy away from pushing a sale when they should be.

Here are 4 ways to make your Facebook Ads stronger and attract more qualified leads.

Make your Facebook ads look native

The average person is exposed to between 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. In fact, humans are exposed to so many ads each day we’ve gotten really good at filtering them out. For Facebook Ads to be effective they need to look like native content that is there to inform or ad value rather than sell a product.

How do you make your ads look native?

  • Use photography that looks candid and more natural.
  • Avoid overly generic stock photos or very staged photos.
  • Use identifiable imagery that easily connects the ad to the market audience.
  • Tell a story with your headline. Write as if you’re promoting a news story, not selling a product.
  • Use language in your headline your audience will understand. Avoid industry jargon or buzzwords.

Work on your body copy

The first paragraph of your Facebook Ads are the most important. If your audience isn’t hooked by reading the first few lines, they’ll simply scroll on. Your opening statement should be one that makes the audience stop, read and want to know more.

Your headline is not the hook. While your headline is important, on Facebook Ads, it’s not the first thing people read. Which means, by the time they read your headline they’re already on their way to scrolling past (or hopefully clicking on your ad).

In reality, you have about 125 characters to hook your reader before your text is cut off. Your job is to:

  • Grab the reader’s attention
  • Pique their interest and curiosity
  • Hook your prospect into wanting to know more

As well as improving your opening statement, make sure you only have one link per ad in the body copy of your advertisement. There should only ever be a single call to action. Too many options will dilute the power and effectiveness of your ad.

Seduce your audience

Long Facebook Ads can be more effective, especially for converting leads. At this point in the sales funnel your audience already know your brand, are aware of what you sell, and are considering purchasing. However, they haven’t yet pushed purchase.

Longer copy, even up to 500 words, works to:

  • Seduce your audience. Your copy should build an argument for how necessary, effective, and essential your product and service is. This is much harder to do effectively with fewer words.
  • Address and overcome any pain points your audience might have. Your potential customers may still be reluctant to buy because of price or other barriers. Your copy should address the biggest pain points and relieve any concerns.
  • Qualify leads. The shorter your Facebook ad copy is the more generic your copy often is. Short copy can work well for the awareness and retargeting stages of the funnel, however at this stage you really want to drive home how effective, lifechanging, and essential your product or service is.

Add high-value free content to your funnel

The point of Facebook ads should be to increase the number of qualified leads. Your Facebook Ads need to take steps to convert customers who sit in the middle of the sales funnel. High value content helps to qualify your leads further so that your close rate increases dramatically.

High value content means that these customers have spent more time getting to know your product or service, understanding the benefits of what your product or service, and alleviate some of their concerns about buying the product or service.

High value free content includes:

  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Reports
  • E-books
  • Training Sessions

How do I get started with Facebook Ads?

At Ambitious Digital we have the tools, skills and experience you need to get your Facebook Ad account set up correctly and turning your clicks into conversion. Book a 30-minute consultation now to see how we can help convert your Facebook Ads into leads and sales.