O’Reilly’s Garage

Showcase O’Reilly’s as a market leader within the NZ luxury automotive industry


O’Reilly’s Garage is a premium luxury vehicle dealership based in Petone, Wellington and has been looking after a high-end clientele for many years. They specialise in importing brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari and many others. Simon and his team have built their reputation on importing stunning looking vehicles from all over the world in near new condition. Offering great prices compared to his competitors and a unique customer approach which builds his trust and loyalty with their clients.

We worked with Simon to rebuild a brand new bespoke website for O’Reilly’s Garage, for the purpose of showcasing their luxury vehicles and looking more professional. It was very important to have the design look and feel like a premium brand. Fully optimised for easy navagation and to drive the users to reach out to the team.

After the foundation was complete, we focused on nurturing his existing clients through email newsletters and continued to grow his email database through Facebook advertising. We also noticed Simon and team were spending far too many hours each week on managing their social profiles. Ambitious digital took over the management of their Facebook and Instagram account, freeing up more time to spend on leads and sourcing new vehicles. Our team was able to do this work at a fraction of the time while also growing their engagement and followers on each platform.

The Client

O’Reilly’s Garage


Website Re-Build & Design
Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management
Facebook Advertising
Email Marketing


500+ New Email Subscribers In Under 3 Months

Using targeted Facebook lead generation ad campaigns we grew their email list for less than $1 per email sign-up. With the purpose of nurturing these new leads through email marketing. We understand buying a new vehicle over 6-figures is not an overnight process so we used Facebook ads to gather more potential interest and educate them on O’Reilly’s Garage through the back-end emails being sent.

O'Reilly's Garage Case Study

Creating Highly Engaging Emails To Showcase Their Best Vehicles

We sent out newsletters fortnightly to both their existing clients and new email sign-ups. Existing clients would get a newsletter about the new exclusive vehicles and the new subscribers would see other types of vehicles. O’Reilly’s email list consistently delivered high open rates above 50% and click rates over 30%.

Optimisation, Management & Content Creation

We focused on O’Reilly’s social media accounts to be more consistent with posting and making sure the content is high-quality with clear call to actions. After optimising both platforms to make them look more appealing and posting more professional content we notice a huge increase in engagement and followers. Their brand grew over 900 new followers through the help of organic growth methods and brand exposure from Facebook ads. Organic Facebook traffic now generates 10% of their overall website traffic which far exceeds normal statistics.

O'Reilly's Garage Case Study



Before we started O’Reilly’s had an outdated, slow and unresponsive website. The website was left neglected and needed a full rebuild. With their online presence really lacking, Simon approached Ambitious to help showcase the quality of his business and the premium stock he sells.

We set about creating a website which was encompassing of the brand, making sure to be very particular with all the smaller details such as colour choice, font style and specific wording. Build using the latest technology, modern techniques and responsive features, this website will impress.

The site may look good, but we all know if its all looks with nothing under the hood then this bad boy might as well be left in the garage. That’s why O’Reilly’s got a turbo-boosted SEO package. We optimised, load time, image sizes, H1-H6 header tags, Meta-tags and built the whole site to be keyword and search engine specific for the terms his buyers are searching for in Google.

This site is designed to capture traffic, deliver leads and help boost O’Reilly’s sales. It has a full tracking and data-analytic package, been completely tagged from top to bottom with CTA’s (Call To Action’s) and has all the social network Pixel integration needed to enable this workhorse to be the online hub O’Reilly’s Garage needs.

The result, a bespoke online presence which represents O’Reilly’s Garage in a way which is truly encompassing of their brand.

Website Development

Before & After

Slide the orange bar this side to see the NEW website design.

O'Reilly's Garage Case Study O'Reilly's Garage Case Study

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What The Client Says

“I found it a pleasure to work with the team at Ambitious Design. My brand and website are a wonderful fit for my business and both are innovative and unique. I highly recommend Ambitious Design to anyone who would like their business brand to stand out in the community.”

Simon O'ReillyManaging Director

The Results

After building a new website which reflects their physical showroom, O’Reilly’s noticed a drastic increase in website traffic, time spent on the site and interest in their brand. They have increased their social media following, email database and become more recognised in the luxury vehicle industry.


Overall website traffic increased


New website visitors since September 2019


New email subscribers gained in 3 months