Wrap Innovations

New Zealand’s Premium Vehicle Wrapping & Protection Brand


Wrap Innovations is fast becoming a known brand across the country for top-quality vehicle wrapping, fleet signage and paint protection. Jesse started the business back in 2018 and built an excellent reputation in the industry straight away. His expert craftsmanship has separated Wrap Innovations from their competition building a solid clientele base of loyal customers. While Wrap Innovations was doing well, the company had holes that needed to be fixed before they could grow to the level they desired.

Jesse’s attention was scattered. Trying to do everything himself, like most business owners in their early growth stages. The company needed structure and a refined sales process. The first thing we did was upgrade his email and management software to a Microsoft 365 enterprise account.

We then developed a completely bespoke website, designed to showcase his services offered and previous work. The site was built with a focus on aesthetics, SEO and clearly follows the principals of great conversion rate optimisation with Call To Actions (CTA’s) built-in across the entire website.

Once the website was complete, creating his Google MyBusines page for increased search engine visibility. Installed all the necessary tracking software for understanding his viewers, optimised his website for on-page S.E.O and linked all his online platforms into our agency reporting software for on-demand and user-friendly a reports.

We then began his off-page S.E.O campaign, focusing on long-tail keywords to quickly improve his search engine ranking. Then we moved on to shorter (harder to achieve) keywords and targetted his competitor backlinks to increase his overall visibility and Google Rank.

In the 8 months, we have been working on Jesse’s S.E.O we have seen some incredible results.

With over 61 Keywords reaching the first page of Google, 46,121 Google Search Console impressions, 31 Keywords ranked in the top 3 and even achieving the “Featured Snippet” Google Award, its safe to say we are really pleased with the results so far. All this was achieved without any paid advertising.

The Client

Wrap Innovations


Bespoke Website Build
SEO Package (On-page & Off-page)
Microsoft 365
Google My Business

Brand New Conversion Optimised Website Build

Before working with us, Wrap Innovations had a basic one-page site with no write-ups on his services or any portfolio of his work. With an attempt to try and build it himself, Jesse soon realised it was out of his scope. We created a brand new website from scratch on a faster hosting plan. Fully optimised to convert traffic into leads. The website has been professionally designed and copywritten to educate potential customers why his services are so valuable. When you see his work and reviews presented on the site, people now know why Wrap Innovations are the best at what they do.

Search Engine Optimisation

After the completion of the website, we went to work with the aim of targeting keywords and phrases which show a high purchasing intent and activity researching for Wrap Innovations services. Within six months of working on both on-page and off-page S.E.O, we were able to get 31 keywords ranked in the top 3, 61 keywords to the first page of Google, 46,121 Google Search Console impressions, and even achieving the “Featured Snippet” Google unofficial award.

Increased Brand Awareness & Reputation

We created a Google My Business page for Wrap Innovations as this is an important asset to have as a serviced based business and helps with your websites S.E.O. After verifying his address, we optmised the profile with his correct business information, added photos and started to promote his existing clients to leave reviews. They now already have 14 positive reviews from only after a couple of weeks of it being live. Going forward we will use this platform to post his blogs and any promotions he may have.

Email & Software Consolidation

They signed up onto our premium hosting and Microsoft 365 plan. This allowed their business to restructure their emails and software all into one. Avoiding unnecessary subscription costs and confusion. Jesse got trained on how to use Microsoft Teams for his team/project management and Outlook for his emails. The business now has access to the latest technology which can help automate tasks and be ready to scale at a moment’s notice.

What The Client Says

“The team at Ambitious Digital have been a pleasure to work with. Upon our first meeting, I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking when it came to marketing and promotion. Signing up with them made complete sense and they have delivered every step of the way. I highly recommend them for anyone really wanting to push forward with their marketing. The results have been fantastic and I am extremely pleased. Thanks so much guys. Jesse”

Jesse AbolinsFounder | Wrap Innovations

The Results

Wrap Innovations now has a great foundation for fast growth. Since being partnered with us from May 2020 they are already ranking on the first page of Google and generating consistent leads from their website.


Keywords Ranked in Top 3


Keywords Ranked On The First Page of Google


Google Search Console Impressions