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7 Steps to Outstanding Web Design

By September 28, 2018June 17th, 2020No Comments

Web design is an important and frequently overlooked aspect of developing a compelling online presence for your brand. Many businesses settle for a serviceable website that checks a box, simply because they feel like they are required to have one – however, having good web design is far more critical than most companies realise, and here’s why: E-commerce is on the rise, with more customers buying online than ever before. The statistics show that internet purchase figures will be more than double what they are now by 2021, meaning that any business without an effective avenue for online sales will be left in the dust. Your website design needs to be up to scratch, and we want to help – here are seven ways that Ambitious will make any business site shine.

#1 Smooth, Effortless Navigation

Every great website has an easy to use interface, which extends across all devices. There need to be clear links to all of the site’s pages, with intuitive symbols and layouts. A study by Google in 2012 shows that 90% of internet users use more than one device to access and browse any given website – this demonstrates the importance of having a site that is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly.

#2 Unmatched Visuals

Your website is often the first point of contact you will have with new customers, so make sure you have their attention from the start. There are endless benefits to keeping things crisp, clean and concise. We know from experience that dense or crowded page design is sure to drive patrons away – people naturally read web pages from top to bottom, left to right, so placing relevant content in the spaces your customer sees first will be in your best interest – building trust, but also helping your site rise to the top of web search results.

#3 Less Is More

Many designers get carried away with fancy typefaces and complicated layouts, but it’s important to remember that simple is better. Websitepatrons have been shown to rate a website’s design higher if it adheres to their expectations of a typical or conventional site – for example, a patron might get confused as to precisely what your business does without an easily accessible ‘about’ page.

#4 Tell Your Story

Good design conveys to your customers who you are, what you do and why they should purchase your products. Studies show that brands who tell their story through the design of their online spaces are far more likely to

#5 Search Engine Friendly

When a potential customer types a web search that is related to your business or product, it is crucial that the first results they see lead them straight to your brand. Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the means by which this can be achieved – allowing search engines such as Google, FireFox and Bing to read the code of your website and identify it as a relevant search result. Click here (link to SEO article) to learn more about how SEO works.

#6 Brand Consistency

Remember, you are telling your story – any branding that exists in physical form must correlate and integrate with your online presence, to make sure your customers know it’s you. If your branding differs too much online from its real-world counterparts, customers will begin to foster misgivings about the consistency of your business – this leads, finally, to…

#7 Brand Consistency

Web design has been shown to drastically increase the likelihood of a potential customer having
confidence in your business, and ultimately following through with a purchase. 94% of internet users decide if a company is trustworthy or not based on the design of its website, demonstrating beyond a doubt that excellent visual elements and well-presented content are instrumental in building trust with the customer.


When it comes to web design, anything that provides value to your customers will ultimately be valuable to you. Serving patrons with an enjoyable and seamless experience will help them positively associate with your brand, and aid them in seeing the benefits that your products can offer. A great online experience will stick with people – and keep them coming back for more.