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Dear Business Builder,

So, you are interested to know why you should work with us?

We’re passionate about helping companies grow, its the fundamental backbone as to why we even exist.

While we are always pleased when our clients are more successful than ever before, what we love seeing is business owners finally becoming free to start enjoying what they do again.

Things like reducing their long hours, spending more time with family or taking that much needed holiday.

We understand the commitment and risk it takes to grow a business. Especially during uncertain times.

And if your reading this then I’d imagine you also are beginning to understand you can’t do everything yourself.

Especially at the level you need to if you want to be the market leader in your field.

We believe building a successful business is truly a life-changing experience. One which involves building relationships and support networks.

Here at Ambitious Digital were here to support you all the way,

Building long term partnerships and cultivating life long relationships.

Let’s turn your time and energy-draining business into a predictable money generating machine, allowing you to scale and meet your financial goals to earn the freedom you deserve.

And most importantly, let’s do it together!

Ready to take the first step?


Your team of devoted Web Developers, Designers, Copywriters, Coders, Media Buyers and SEO Experts

Over the last few years, we’ve significantly grown our team of experts.

Our goal is to be New Zealand’s top Digital Marketing Agency and to do this we have needed to recruit top tier talent.

By hiring the best, we can provide our clients with results above and beyond what they thought possible.

When you hire Ambitious Digital, you are literally plugging in a badass team of digital strategists, marketers, designers and developers to help you reach your growth goals.

To staff your business up with this kind of expertise it would literally cost you $325,000+ per year in overheads (average salary of $65k x 5 team members).

Instead, you can have our team manage this ALL FOR YOU for a fixed monthly fee, that works out to be a fraction of that cost (and you don’t have all the headaches of building and staffing a team).

Putting A Face To The Name

Meet Your New Team


Learn how we can help you spend less time working in your business and more time planning your next holiday!


A rigorously tested, proven system for generating leads and sales on demand

Dramatically increase your traffic

Through whichever channels we determine will bring you the best leads, with highly-targeted online ads — mainly Facebook and Google.

Setup a Supercharged sales funnel

A veteran Direct Response copywriter writes a high converting landing page…We create a ‘Godfather offer’ that makes it virtually impossible for people NOT to give you their money…And we design, illustrate and code every element of the system to provide live metrics on your ad spend and ROI.

Grow your database of Eager Clients

Once we’ve got your custom sales funnel running, we fine tune it and start driving paid traffic (people looking to buy from you) your way. We show you how to sell to those people AND how to nurture those not ready to buy into future customers.

If you have been following Ambitious Digital for some time, or if you have only just stumbled across our website, you can see clearly, we are absolutely HOOKED on this growth marketing business.

But I’m not here to lecture you about our passion for growing businesses.

You’re here because you want to see dramatic growth in your company. And you want to know that you’re making the best possible decision when it comes to choosing the right people to invest your cold hard cash into?

If you are all in, with an unfailing belief in your product or service, and you want to make real change in the world or impact your customers in a way to help better their lives.


You want to maximise and leverage the value you give to your customers, to make more money.

Then look no further.

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This Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme. If You Want One Of Those Please Leave Our Website Now.

If you looking for a quick fix to get rich…or wanting to see your Google rankings skyrocket to the top search spot within a few weeks using fantasy black-hat SEO techniques…

Or you promote products or services to your clients without the proper intention of really wanting to help them out…

Or… you think spending $10,000s on a branding package for your business will miraculously deliver all the marketing success you need…

Then I’m sorry to say this, but you need to pack your bags and leave our website.

Ambitious Digital is a direct response digital marketing agency.

Not an ‘easy button to riches’ agency that tells you anything you want to hear to sell you on a fake promise.

Having a successful business is HARD WORK,

Once everything is set up properly, using our battle-tested, proven methods, it can seem like a golden goose which pumps out golden egg after golden egg.

But it takes knowledge, experience and talent to figure it all out. We know that well.

80% of the battle is truly making your sales and marketing work seamlessly together,

And that’s where we come in.

We don’t cut ANY corners; We make sure everything is working as seamlessly for your business as it is for ours.

We are not a ‘creative’ marketing agency that wants to build you a ‘pretty’ or ‘flashy’ campaign that looks cool but never delivers the results you really need.

We don’t try to pull the wool over your eyes.

Or show you statistic which has no tangible results related to your business income.

We use data driven, measurable results to reach our KPI’s

That’s backbone of direct response marketing

The core of what makes up Ambitious Digital

Take the first step

With a $1000 worth of FREE advice. Book your 45-Minute  Growth Strategy Call with one of our Digital Marketing Experts today.